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n. (plural of breast English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: breast)

Usage examples of "breasts".

His eyes lingered on the fine chains that dipped and quivered between her breasts with each breath she took.

The tips of her breasts tightened, pressing in intimate detail against the thin silk.

Linc had kissed her before, even touched her breasts lightly, but it had been nothing like this.

Her breasts were swollen with desire and her taut nipples were the same dark rose as her lips.

The gap in the jacket offered intriguing glimpses of the breasts beneath.

The thought of the moment Linc had unzipped her jacket and looked at her naked breasts made heat tremble deep inside her body.

Then his mouth gentled again, nibbling between her breasts, ignoring her sensitive nipples.

His hands slid beneath her blouse until the tips of her breasts were caught between his fingers.

She didn’t see her own beauty, the feminine curves of breasts and hips and waist, the tawny rose of nipples against her smooth golden skin, the lush midnight hair below her shadowed navel.

Not trusting himself so close to Holly’s sweet breasts, he got up and went to the end of the bed again.

Linc’s hands were advancing, skirting, always retreating just short of intimacy, and the towel slid over her newly sensitive breasts with each breath she took.

Slowly he lowered his face between her breasts, kissing her with great gentleness.

His tongue teased her sensitive navel, made her breasts ache with pleasure, and gently tormented her lips.

He cherished her breasts, her navel, then eased his fingers into the silky hair between her thighs.

She enjoyed the intimacy of his hard thigh between her legs, his muscular chest warming her breasts, the strong tendons of his neck beneath her palm.