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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Breastpin \Breast"pin`\ (br[e^]st"p[i^]n`), n. A pin worn on the breast for a fastening, or for ornament; a brooch.


n. An ornamental pin attached to clothing in a person's upper chest area.


n. a decorative pin worn by women [syn: brooch, broach]

Usage examples of "breastpin".

A sandy soil, where nothing flourishes but weeds and evil beasts of small dimensions, must breed different qualities in its human offspring from one of those fat and fertile spots which the wit whom I have once before noted described so happily that, if I quoted the passage, its brilliancy would spoil one of my pages, as a diamond breastpin sometimes kills the social effect of the wearer, who might have passed for a gentleman without it.

For she wears a very handsome silk dress on state occasions, with a breastpin set, as I honestly believe, with genuine pearls, and appears habitually with a very smart cap, from under which her gray curls come out with an unmistakable expression, conveyed in the hieratic language of the feminine priesthood, to the effect that while there is life there is hope.

With the group was a lieutenant, buttoned close in his gray coat,-- one button gone, perhaps to make a breastpin for some fair traitorous bosom.

Run and put on your breastpin, and then come and tell us all about it.

Sallianna arrayed in all her beauties and attractions, including a huge breastpin, a dress of enormous pattern, and a scarf around her delicate waist, azure-hued and diaphanous like the sky, veiled with an imperceptible cloud.

Plausaby, feeling of her breastpin to be sure it was in the right place.

Plausaby, as she adjusted her collar, the wide collar of that day, and set her breastpin before the glass.

A handkerchief, a fillet for your hair, a wreath of gold or silver, a breastpin, a mirror, a girdle, a purse, a tassel, a comb, sleeves, gloves, a ring, a compact, a picture, a washbasin, a flag but only as a souvenir.

She thought of how sweet it seemed the first time Sim came to see her, of the many rides to town with him when he was an accepted lover, of the few things he had given her, a coral breastpin and a ring.

They were shaped and finished as nicely as if they were breastpins for the Titans to wear, and on their polished surfaces were engraved in imperishable characters the records they were erected to preserve.

Closer to the entrance were the nobles, dressed in exotic silks of every color and description, and the templars, who embellished their black cassocks with bronze neckchains and breastpins of precious copper.

Another held copper breastpins, cloakpins, warrior tores and wrist guards set with sapphires, moonstones, diamonds, and blue topaz.

Another held copper breastpins, cloakpins, warrior torcs and wrist guards set with sapphires, moonstones, diamonds, and blue topaz.

These corpulent warriors, who at Calais shortly before had run till overtaken by nervous prostration and general debility, now wore more millinery and breastpins and slashed velvet and satin facings and tinsel than the most successful and highly painted and decorated courtesans of that period.

Rings, breastpins, and similar superfluities, are in great demand among them.