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Just five yeres past I cam to England from Breame as Francis Garland cam now: but the Stade flete stayed at Harwich.

At this period there resided at Oulton Hall, Suffolk, but a few miles from Norwich, a family of the name of Skepper, Edward and Anne his wife, with their two children, Breame and Mary.

Beneath this stone are interred the Mortal Remains of Breame Skepper, who died May 22nd, 1837, aged 42, leaving a wife and six children to lament his severe loss.

It was a relief when Miss Breame arrived to take the children to bed, and Annabelle and his mother retired to oversee the process.

She ignored his scowls, summoned the younger children to join her, and insisted Miss Breame have the honor of sitting beside Mr.