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breaking loose

vb. (present participle of break loose English)

Breaking Loose (album)

Breaking Loose was the first independent album by the Canadian rock band Helix. It was released in 1979. Joe Anthony from KISS FM in San Antonio, Texas began playing "You're A Woman Now" which enabled the band to play there for the first time. It also featured "Billy Oxygen" written and sung by guitarist Brent "The Doctor" Doerner. The song mixed genres such as hard rock, metal, funk and progressive rock and garnered them some early Canadian airplay.

It was first issued on CD with White Lace & Black Leather as part of the Helix compilation CD The Early Years, released by Capitol in 1992. It was later re-released individually by the band, but is now out of print.

Breaking Loose (film)

Breaking Loose is a 1988 Australian film. It was a sequel to Summer City (1977).

The movie was originally announced in 1985 as The End of Innocence when it was to be written and directed by Alan Dickes and to star Christopher Pate.

Breaking Loose

Breaking Loose may refer to:

  • Breaking Loose (album), an album by the Canadian rock band Helix
  • Breaking Loose (film), a 1988 Australian film