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BRE (gene)

BRCA1-A complex subunit BRE is a protein that in humans is encoded by the BRE gene.


Brè is a village on the eastern slopes of the mountain of Monte Brè, in the Swiss canton of Ticino. Politically the village forms part of the Brè-Aldesago quarter of the city of Lugano, although until 1972 Brè-Aldesago was an independent municipality, known simply as Brè until 1953.

The village of Brè was first recorded in 1280 as de Bre, and for most of its history has lived by agriculture and livestock. Until 1912, the only access to the village was on foot or by mule, but in that year Brè was reached by a road from Lugano, and the Monte Brè funicular was opened between Lugano and the summit of Monte Brè. Subsequently Brè has become a resort and residential suburb.

Brè is accessed by a steep and winding road from Lugano. This first climbs to the village of Aldesago, before crossing the southern slopes of Monte Brè to reach Brè village. Trasporti Pubblici Luganesi (TPL) bus route 12 operates along this road from Lugano city centre to Brè village, with one or two buses per hour. The Monte Brè funicular, which connects the Lugano suburb of Cassarate, itself served by frequent city buses, to the summit of Monte Brè, serves a stop known as Brè Villagio, although this is a walk from the village itself. The funicular runs every half-hour.

The Wilhelm Schmid Museum, in the village, is the former residence of Wilhelm Schmid (1892–1971) and today contains a collection of his works. Schmid was the only Swiss painter of the northern Magical Realism style. The village is also home to an artistic trail that includes the works of 20 nationally and internationally acclaimed artists.

The parish church of Saints Simon and Fedele is first mentioned in 1591, in an account of a visit by Feliciano Ninguarda, then bishop of Como. It is believed, however, to date back to medieval times, and the tower, located in the southeast corner of the basilica, has Romanesque blind arches on its base. The church contains artistic works from different eras, including 17th-century frescos and 20th-century paintings by Jozeph Birò, a Hungarian painter and one-time resident of the village.

Usage examples of "bre".

Lying Roven and is by one Ninian Bres, which happens to be anagram of the real name of one of the authors of Mysteries of Magic!

If he called for something to settle his nerves, the night-staff would bring him whatever he asked, or rouse his own servants at his request, but poor Moni and Taigi had probably been roused out of bed to bewildering questions-Did you shoot at the paidhi?

In the beginning of the last century a number of gold coins, found on the hill Karn Bre, near Truro, were thought to be Druidical coins.

Gil brought the Silver Streak hovercar to a stop under the portico of the Bres estate.

Combine might be only a common Gentlesir, and not even a Guildhead like Marchen Bres, but he still counted for more than all the local nobility and imported royalty put together.

Beka thought, doing the gracious-smile bit again as Marchen Bres bowed himself away.

Moni and Taigi arrived in the morning with his bre fast cart-and the advisement from staff central d Tabini-aiji wanted him in early audience.

RuuuuH sspne dd istc eekwaIs, ehistf mywan,Trst ntce bre ny scepsdlung ,epurs chistlip.

Veza knew these vicious animals had first been bred hundreds of years ago, when the dominant sea powers all employed living warships.

He was too elegant and well bred to protest that such a deed would be beneath him.

Only horses bred on the fjords ever really became used to the smell of the RockChildren.

Simply call to me from your mirror, and I will join you or bring you here.

If you want to bring things out of this world, you need to be its master.

The Samite way of universal tolerance was the only way she knew to bring about a better world.

If he were forced to quit the chasm, he would send a signal to the crystals that would bring the walls crashing down around whoever was inside.