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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Brame \Brame\, n. [Cf. Breme.] Sharp passion; vexation. [Obs.]

Heart-burning brame.


n. (context obsolete English) sharp passion; vexation


The Brame is a long river in the Creuse and Haute-Vienne départements, central France. Its source is at La Souterraine. It flows generally west. It is a right tributary of the Gartempe into which it flows between Thiat and Darnac.

Usage examples of "brame".

The sightless eyes of Orville Brame stared out at the city he had left thirty years ago and to which he had never returned until now.

Malone had the quick thought that Mrs Brame would not suffer fools gladly, if at all.

Joanna Brame produced a brown beret from her coat pocket and jammed it on her head.

Joanna Brame into the side room where the body could be viewed through a window.

Romy and left Clements with her while he escorted Joanna Brame out into the street, where Novack joined them.

Joanna Brame pulled on her beret again and Malone settled his pork-pie hat on his head.

Peta on to questioning Zoehrer and any other of the lawyers who might give us some light on why Brame was done in.

The Brame homicide looked as if it would get the full-scale investigation that the Americans would expect.

And Malone knew now that Joanna Brame was the queen of whichever circle she ruled back home in the States.

Malone was certain that Joanna Brame had known the date, but she had neatly drawn Tallis into the conversation.

I came out of law school, but I was in a section that Mr Brame had nothing to do with.

Joanna Brame smiled, but there was no mistaking the fact that she was warning Tallis.

Lester Brame died the day after my husband graduated from Yale Law School.

One or two, the vice-president for one, Zoehrer, they do remember seeing Brame talking to someone in the coffee lounge Sunday night.

A waitress remembered they walked out together, Brame and the other guy.