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Gertie, the telephone operator, flashed him a glance from eyes that were starry, as she reached for the switchboard to notify Bill Brakey that The Kid was on his way up.

Bill Brakey, ensconced behind bullet-proof doors, made certain that The Kid was alone, and that there was no trap laid by police or gangster enemies before he opened the door.

Bill Brakey brought out a bottle of Scotch, drew the cork and poured out whiskey and ginger ale.

Bill Brakey had his skeleton keys in his right hand while they were still six feet from the door.

Bill Brakey, a gun in either hand, would have stood in the doorway, commanding the situation.

The Kid got to his feet, stretched, yawned, tossed away the end of his cigarette and nodded to Bill Brakey, who was standing near the door.

The Kid sat back against the cushions while Bill Brakey piloted the car with deft skill.

Bill Brakey slipped a heavy calibre gun from its shoulder holster, nestled it in his right hand.

His guns roared in a pealing crescendo of rapid fire, a fire of such scathing accuracy that it drove his enemies to cover, and in the moment when they were ducking to cover, Bill Brakey sprinted for the car.

Bill Brakey opened the door for him, saw him into the corridor, listened to the wild beat of his steps as Stagg dashed down the staircase and wrenched open the front door.

Bill Brakey drove to a district given over largely to small apartment houses and flats.

Bill Brakey started the powerful motor, settled down behind the steering wheel, opened the door opposite him so that The Kid could jump in without the loss of a moment.

The Patent Leather Kid calmly, and swung his car wide so that Bill Brakey would have a clear shot around the side of the windshield.