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a. (context South Africa English) brackish.


Brak may refer to:

  • Brak (African kings) (or Braque), former title of the kings in West Africa
  • Brak (character), a character on 1966 Hanna-Barbera cartoon Space Ghost
    • The Brak Show, a 2000 animated series
  • Brak, a barbarian character in a series of 1960s novels by John Jakes
  • Brak, a supporting character in the 1950s classic science fiction film, This Island Earth
  • Brak, Libya, a city in Libya
  • Syd Brak, South African illustrator
Brak (African kings)

Brak (or Braque) was the title of the kings of the kingdoms of Waalo (or Oualo) and Biffeche on the Senegal River in Senegal and Mauritania in West Africa until the 19th century. The main Brak was the king of the Kingdom of Waalo with capital at Diourbel north of the river, and later at Nder on the west shore of Lac de Guiers. The 'Petit Brak' was the king or seigneur of the Kingdom of Biffeche, with his capital compound at Maka on the Senegal River, near Saint-Louis, Senegal.

The kingdoms of Waalo and Biffeche were labelled as 'Brak' or 'Braque' on some French maps of the area, not to be confused with the moorish realm of Brakna north of the Senegal River. Waalo was conquered by the French in the mid-19th century.

The Braks of Waalo were chosen from three leading families of Dyoos, Teedyo and Logar, and ruled through a council consisting of various officials with specific delegated functions. It has been claimed that the Brak of Waalo ruled through a local kind of African traditional democracy, but the rulership had definite patrilineal and matrilineal hereditary restrictions. They claimed descent from the legendary first Brak of Waalo and Jolof, Ndiadiane Ndiaye.

The word Brak may derive from the Arabic word for 'high'.

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Brak (character)

Brak is a fictional character and supervillain on the 1966 Hanna-Barbera animated series Space Ghost, portrayed as a catlike alien space pirate trying to conquer the galaxy. Brak appeared alongside his twin brother Sisto in such episodes as "The Lure" and "The Looters", and was also a member of the Council of Doom (an organization of Space Ghost villains which originally consisted of Zorak, Moltar, Metallus, Creature King, Black Widow, and himself). In the 1990s the Brak character re-appeared on Cartoon Network's animated talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and then became the main character in its spin-off The Brak Show also on Cartoon Network. The last two incarnations of Brak's character changed from an evil genius supervillain into a childlike simpleton. It was confirmed in Cartoon Planet that Brak is a dunce because he suffered brain damage after being thrown into a swarm of Pirranamyte in the Space Ghost episode "The Lure".

Usage examples of "brak".

Zacht wond zij haar arm om zijn hals en het hart brak haar, nu zij hem, zoo groot en sterk, in hare omhelzing hoorde weenen.

Brak went the opposite way, following the trail downward into Kopt, the trail that pointed somewhere between the sunrise and Khurdisan.

Brak had ridden down from the mountain pass into the land of Kopt, and thence southward.

Row on row, tiled horsemen of Quran rode into the distance, their ruby eyes staring blindly at the tiled dunes while Brak wrestled the woman to a standstill.

Brak pulled his broadsword, wigwagged it high over his head and hallooed again.

The bar quieted slightly, and Brak stared at the paladin and the king like an enraged cyclops.

As he passed, Brak could hear him wheedling: "Myrkjartan is a most particular friend of mine, so let me speak to him at once, you grinning ninnies, or you'll all find yourselves turned into bootblacking rags.

I trowe, at Troye whan Pirrus brak the wal, Or Ilion brende, ne at Thebes the Citee, Ne at Rome for the harm thurgh Hanybal That Romayns hath venquysshed tymes thre, Nas herd swich tendre wepyng for pitee As in the chambre was, for his departynge.

Brak could smell musty, cellary earth mingling with the gaseous odor of the bogs, and the combination tweaked at an old, fearful memory.

Brak began, holding onto Ing-void for dear life and limb, scrabbling for a seat on the saddleless back of the horse.

When Brak dared to look up, he saw a dark, brooding hulk, with tiny glimmers of fire showing through each rivet hole and seam of the helmet.

With frightened eyes Skalgr stared around, seizing upon the two horses with separate and distinct shocks and coming to rest upon Brak.

When he leaped away, howling like a singed cat, Brak scrambled after him and got a perfect hold upon his throat.

The other horses scrambled down a steep, icy gully onto the glacier, where a small thermal spring steamed eerily, forming a cloud which all the others vanished into, leaving Brak and Faxi facing Skarnhrafn across a small ravine.