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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Braggadocio \Brag`ga*do"cio\, n. [From Braggadocchio, a boastful character in Spenser's ``Fa["e]rie Queene.'']

  1. A braggart; a boaster; a swaggerer.

  2. Empty boasting; mere brag; pretension.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Spenser's coinage, 1590, as a name for his personification of vainglory, from brag, with augmentative ending by analogy to the Italian words then in vogue in England. In general use by 1594 for "an empty swaggerer;" of the talk of such persons, from 1734.


n. A braggart.


n. vain and empty boasting [syn: bluster, rodomontade, rhodomontade]

Braggadocio (typeface)

Braggadocio is a geometrically constructed sans-serif stencil typeface designed by W.A. Woolley in 1930 for the Monotype Corporation. The design was based on Futura Black.

Though a stencil face, Braggadocio bears comparison with the heavier weighted Didone faces like Thorowgood, Poster Bodonii, and Fat Face. A product of the Art Deco era, Braggadocio shares similarities with Architype Albers and Futura Black, the typeface used in the wordmark of Au Bon Pain, a U.S. restaurant-bakery chain.

The lowercase characters a, f, c, s and y have terminals similar to the Fat Face model. The face is atypical in a topological sense in that none of the characters has a circular counter-form (hole).


Braggadocio may refer to:

  • Braggadocchio, a fictional character in the epic poem The Faerie Queene
  • A braggart or empty boasting
  • Braggadocio (rap), a type of rapping
  • Braggadocio (typeface), a typeface
  • Braggadocio, Missouri, a community in Missouri.
Braggadocio (rap)

Braggadocio is a type of rapping where the MC is " bragging and boasting" and can include subjects such as physicality, fighting ability, financial wealth, sexual prowess, or coolness. It is often heavily used in battle rapping, and braggadocio lyrics can range from simply stating how skillful one is to employing complex literary techniques.

The book How to Rap shows an example of complex braggadocio through Eric B. & Rakim's track "No Omega" from their Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em album. MCs such as Murs, Guerilla Black, and Esoteric also suggest reasons in How to Rap for why braggadocio is so common in rapping, ranging from competitiveness in the old-school hip hop ethic, to the struggles of "young, black males in America". MCs also feel that braggadocio is an important aspect of hip hop and rapping and that it can also be mixed with other topics to good effect.

Rap's braggadocio—unlike other bragging by young men about sex, wealth, and physical strength—can also be about the rapper's artistic or poetic ability.

The term did not originate as a rap term. The origins are very much older. The term is noted as having originated from the late 16th century, and denotes a boaster. It is from Braggadocchio, the name of a braggart in Spenser's The Faerie Queene. It is a composite of the word brag or braggart, and the Italian suffix -occio, denoting something large of its kind. Refer to the Oxford Dictionary for more details.

Usage examples of "braggadocio".

Where oaths and threats had issued from their mouths now came plaintive petitions for mercy, and those who had laughed with such bold braggadocio now wept like young girls, but Elric, full of his old battle-joy, spared none.

The giant spoke in a roaring, bull-like voice which I thought at the time was, like his swaggering walk and his braggadocio, but a pose to strike terror in those about him.

He had told of his adventures with the proper mixture of awe and braggadocio, recounted the wonders that he had seen, and returned to his studies and virtventures.

The north of Europe has its Gascons as well as the south of France, and the junior portion of the Russian army at this period assumed an absurd braggadocio tone.

I heard the story, told with mass braggadocio, with much laughter, my blood ran slower in my veins.

Harry nodded, with no hint of his usual braggadocio, looking like nothing more than a scared little boy.

This is pure braggadocio, intended to convey the information that Geffen has more money than God.

Insecurity teamed up with conceit, braggadocio with cowardice, selfishness with a need to be admired.

Nicholai said this last, without braggadocio and without British coyness, as he might have said he was left-handed, or green-eyed.

Unfortunately for his braggadocio, he let it leak out in some way that he had been well aware all the time that he would not be executed.

Colter did not recite his tales with the braggadocio of the seasoned yarner but with a conviction Hugh found vaguely unsettling.

At these reunions I had to play the part of host--to meet and entertain fat mercantile parvenus who were impossible by reason of their rudeness and braggadocio, colonels of various kinds, hungry authors, and journalistic hacks-- all of whom disported themselves in fashionable tailcoats and pale yellow gloves, and displayed such an aggregate of conceit and gasconade as would be unthinkable even in St.

SIR PALAMON: For that therefore I need not to the joust, to that bone-shattering sport of boastful, brutal braggadocios, but here, lapped soft in the gentle green, woo the fair Yolande-- JOCELYN: How, knight, the fair lady Yolande, say'st thou?

He had set them down as a set of landlubbers and braggadocios, and was disposed to treat them accordingly.

The poet in Le Cagot had confected for himself the role of the miles gloriosus, the Falstaffian clown—but with a unique difference: his braggadocio was founded on a record of reckless, laughing courage in numberless guerrilla actions against the fascist who oppressed his people in Spain.