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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Brae \Brae\, n. [See Bray a hill.] A hillside; a slope; a bank; a hill. [Scot.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"steep slope," in northern England especially "the sides of a hill," early 14c., from Scottish, "slope, river bank," from Old Norse bra "eyelash," cognate with Old English bræw "eyelid," German Braue "eyebrow" (see brow). "The word must have passed through the sense of 'eye-brow' to 'brow of a hill', supercilium (cf. OE. eaghill 'eye-hill'=eyebrow)" [OED].


n. (context Scotland English) The sloping bank of a river-valley; any slope or hillside.


n. a slope or hillside

"Brae" is also the Lowland Scots language word for the slope or brow of a hill.

Brae ( Old Norse: Breiðeið, meaning "the wide isthmus") is a settlement on the island of Mainland in Shetland, Scotland.

Brae (disambiguation)

Brae is a settlement in Scotland.

Brae in Scottish means protector of the high lands.


  • Brae Bay, Nunavut, Canada.
  • Brae Fell, a fell in the English Lake District.
  • Brae field, a Scottish oil field in the North Sea.

People and fictional characters:

  • James Brae, English footballer in the 1890s
  • June Brae (1917–2000), British ballet dancer
  • Brae Marrack, a character in the British soap opera Echo Beach (TV series)


  • British Antarctic Expedition (disambiguation) (BrAE)

Usage examples of "brae".

The British agent attached to the previous Dunstone survey had been one of two men killed in a bush fire that began inside a bamboo camp on the banks of the Martha Brae River, deep within the Cock Pit country.

Perhaps the sunshine of some one single Sabbath of more exceeding holiness comes first glimmering, and then brightening upon us, with the very same sanctity that filled all the air at the tolling of the kirk-bell, when all the parish was hushed, and the voice of streams heard more distinctly among the banks and braes.

At the top of the brae the wind was blowing a cold gale, so the maidie went up again, and around to a bit of tangled garden on the sheltered side of the house.

In the month of October, when the corn was yet in the holms, and on the cold land by the river side, the water of Irville swelled to a great spait, from bank to brae, sweeping all before it, and roaring, in its might, like an agent of divine displeasure, sent forth to punish the inhabitants of the earth.

How endless the interchange of woods and meadows, glens, dells, and broomy nooks, without number, among thy banks and braes!

And many such there are, annually sprinkled all round the humble huts of our imaginative and religious land, even like the wildflowers that, in endless succession, disappearing and reappearing in their beauty, Spring drops down upon every brae.

O waly waly, up the bank, And waly waly down the brae, And waly waly yon burn-side Where I and my Love wont to gae!

I was lying among green braes with nothing near me but crying whaups and heathery hills, and my two dogs running round about and howling as they were mad.

The braes beyond--and when the ripple awoke, They wavered with the jarred and wavering glaze.

I scrambled down the soft green brae, and soon stood within the door of the cottage.

New styles of popular poetry on contemporary events as Sherriffmuir and Tranent Brae had arisen.

I had with him at the foot of the brae to-day, that he is a young dog that would bark with uncommon little teaching.

Stafford, Jessie was telling me that there is a very beautiful girl staying at the Villa at Brae Wood--one of the visitors.

Sometimes Stafford would ride over from Brae Wood and meet her by the river.

He was in a crunkle o' green brae, a wee below the chaipel, a' by his lee lane, and lowped and flang and danced like a daft quean at a waddin'.