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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bracky \Brack"y\, a. Brackish.


a. (context archaic English) brackish

Usage examples of "bracky".

Feldman leaned back from his microscope and lighted another bracky weed.

He began unloading bracky weeds from his pocket while Doc attacked the breakfast.

This is a package of so-called bracky weed, a vile and noxious substance found in his possession.

Doc reached for a bracky weed and accepted a light from Chris without thinking of it.

GHQ was out on the street, but Doc found Jake inside the big schoolroom where he enjoyed his early morning bracky and coffee.

He longed desperately for bracky, and had to keep reminding himself that no drugs must upset the tests.

Then, abruptly, men were screaming, crying and fighting for the precious bracky, like the legions of the damned grabbing for lottery tickets when the prize was a passport to paradise.