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n. 1 (plural of brace English) 2 (context orthodontics English) A device for straightening teeth. 3 (context dated English) handcuffs 4 The two keyboard symbols "{" and "}." 5 (context British English) A pair of straps crossing one's shoulders and extending down to one's trousers, where a clip or button arrangement allows them to affix to the trousers, ensuring that they will not fall off (US: suspenders).


n. an appliance that corrects dental irregularities [syn: brace]


Braces may refer to:

  • Suspenders
  • Dental braces
  • Brace (orthopaedic), orthopaedic device
  • Braces (punctuation), curly brackets { }

Usage examples of "braces".

Men dashed out along the yards or scurried in frantic groups to add their weight to the braces and halliards.

The yards squeaked to the pull of blocks and braces, and at the masthead Bolitho saw the pendant flapping almost directly forward.

Men who seconds earlier had been chatting and gossiping about what might be happening ashore were now silent and alert, standing to their guns, or grouped at halliards and braces for the next command.

Herrick 1' He relaxed as the experienced seamen rushed aft to help the marines and less skilled hands on the mizzen braces.

Hotspur hung reluctant for a moment, and then sulkily turned back on the starboard tack and gathered way as Cargill in the nick of time sent the wheel spinning back and took a pull on the braces.

Hotspur rose to an even keel while sheets and braces were being handled.

Hands went to the braces as the helm was put up while Hornblower scanned the shore warily.

Bowlines and braces were cast off and the yards came ponderously round at the exact moment that Hotspur was pointing directly into the wind.

The hands at the braces were backing the main‑topsail, and Hotspur could lie hove‑to in peace and quiet.

Now they tore through the water, speed undiminished despite the drag of the rudder as the helmsmen battled with the wheel that kicked and struggled as if it were alive and malignant under their hands, and while the whole strength of the crew handled the braces to trim the yard exactly to make certain there was no danger of sailing by the lee.

Prowse seized the speaking-trumpet and somewhere in the darkness disciplined men hurried to sheets and braces.

The hands at the braces were backing the main-topsail, and Hotspur could lie hove-to in peace and quiet.

The wind was just abaft the beam, and Hotspur foamed along as sweating hands at the braces trimmed the yards to an angle that exactly satisfied Bush's careful eye.

Time and time again some men had to be shown what to do, even had halyards or braces put into their hands while Tomlin and his assistants scampered from one piece of confusion to another.

As the seamen moved briskly at halyards and braces Bolitho stood by the quarterdeck rail, very conscious of the changed atmosphere which the brief freedom from PelhamMartin's supervision had brought.