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a. Of or pertaining to braceros, and especially the n. A Mexican national working as an agricultural laborer in the United States from 1942-1964, or similarly a railroad worker from 1942-1945.


n. a Mexican laborer who worked in the United States on farms and railroads in order to ease labor shortages during World War II

Usage examples of "bracero".

There was little traffic at this time of day, except for some trucks and the occasional bracero bus carrying migrant workers.

The road was busy: logging trucks, bracero buses, and many, many Copo cars.

Prominent Rancher Escapes Death From Savage Champion Bull Bracero Plays Toreador!

Christ, there must be thirty people here, not counting the braceros, and the little kids , Tom thought.

Kruschev sends his sloganeering robots into the bracero community, where they spout Commie rebop and corrupt a youth group that Big Pete has been indoctrinating into Americanism.