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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Usage examples of "braccio".

After the stone beams were crimped together with metal ties, the entire structure was buried in a solid wall of stone masonry, leaving a series of openings, each a braccio square, between the small traverse beams and under the long circumferential beams.

The length of the Florentine braccio varied, but on the dome, a conversion of 23 inches to the braccio is very close.

Il prete, col volto di bragia, stringeva col braccio destro la fanciulla e con tutta la sua forza cercava di trascinarla avanti, ad onta degli sforzi di lei per non avanzare.

The marble Venus which Malipieri saw with it is imaginary, but I was also taken to see the beautiful statue of Augustus, now in the Braccio Nuovo of the Vatican, on the spot where it came to light in the Villa of Livia, in 1863.

The small lyre was like the tenor viola di braccio and was called the lyra di braccio.

The accompaniment on the mellow lyra di braccio, one of the tender sisters of the viola, was a simplified version of the subordinate voice parts of the frottola.

Even a braccio differed in dimension depending on whether it was measured in Florence, Rome, or Venice, and so Galileo delineated his own arbitrary units along the length of his experimental apparatus.