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init. 1 (context computing English) bits per second, a measure of speed of digital communication. 2 (context computing informal English) baud rate 3 (context finance initialism English) basis points, ‱


n. (computer science) the rate at which data is transferred (as by a modem) [syn: bits per second]


BPS, Bps or bps may refer to:

Usage examples of "bps".

The 56,600 bps is gradually replacing its slower predecessor (48% of computers with modems) - but even this is hardly sufficient.

A cable modem is 80 times speedier than the ISDN and 700 times faster than a 14,400 bps modem.

She watched him take the nipple of one between his bps, and she stroked the thick curls at the back of his neck.

Planning it, gloating over it, brought a smile to General China's bps and calmed his frustration enough to allow him to drop into his canvas chair, draw the lapels of his greatcoat around him, and sink at last into sleep.

They showed that they could build—theoretically, of course—certain extremal black holes by starting with a particular collection of BPS branes (of certain specified dimensions) and binding them together according to a precise mathematical blueprint.

In fact, through the initial efforts of Horowitz and Strominger, and through subsequent groundbreaking work of Polchinski, we now know even more about these BPS states.

As the coupling constant in a chosen string theory is increased beyond the realm accessible to perturbation theory, we anchor our limited understanding in the BPS states.