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init. 1 the British Pharmaceutical Codex 2 British Potato Council 3 British Pharmaceutical Conference 4 British Poultry Council 5 Business Planning and Consolidation


BPC may refer to:

  • Banco de Poupança e Crédito, an Angolan bank
  • Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, a government tourism organization of Bangladesh
  • Boost Protective Cover, for the Apollo Command/Service Module
  • Battery Park City, a neighborhood in New York City
  • Bible Presbyterian Church
  • Bits per channel (bpc) or bits per color (bpc), referring to color depth
  • Blais Proteomic Center at Dana–Farber Cancer Institute
  • Border Protection Command, an Australian Government interagency command responsible for control of the Australian border and the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (AEEZ)
  • BPitch Control, a Berlin-based electro and techno record label operated by Ellen Allien
  • Brewton–Parker College
  • British Pharmaceutical Codex
  • British Pharmacopoeia Commission
  • British Phosphate Commission
  • British Polling Council
  • British Purchasing Commission
  • Buckley Park College, an Australian School
  • Burns Philp, an Australasian Food Company
  • BPC (time signal), a low frequency time code time signal from China
  • Bâtiment de projection et de commandement ("projection and command ship"), the official name for the Mistral class of amphibious assault ships.
  • BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation
BPC (time signal)

BPC is the callsign of a time signal broadcasting from the BPC Shangqiu Low-Frequency Time-Code Radio Station, cooperatively constructed by the National Time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xi’an Gaohua Technology Co., Ltd.1, since April 25, 2002.

BPC transmits a time signal on 68.5 kHz, which can be used for synchronizing radio controlled clocks. As opposed to other time signal transmitters, the signal format is not published openly; a special license is required. The transmission site is situated near Shangqiu, Henan Province at .

BPC broadcasts at 90 kW for 21 hours per day, with a 3-hour break from 05:00–08:00 (China Standard Time) daily (21:00–24:00 UTC). BPC includes both conventional amplitude modulated time code and additional spread-spectrum time code, about which little is known.