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n. (context organic compound English) (abbreviation of bisphenol A English)


BPA may refer to:


  • BPA Systems, a supply chain management software and services company based in Austin, Texas
  • BPA Worldwide, an organization that audits circulation figures for mass media
  • Bangladesh Police Academy
  • Blue Panorama Airlines, ICAO code
  • Bonneville Power Administration, a U.S. power authority
  • Boardgame Players Association
  • Boricua Popular Army, a Puerto Rican independence organization
  • Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C., an association football club
  • British Parking Association
  • British Parachute Association
  • British Philosophical Association
  • British Pipeline Agency, a joint venture between BP Oil UK and Shell UK
  • British Pyrotechnists Association
  • Bureau of Pensions Advocates, a semi-independent unit of Veterans Affairs Canada that provides legal support to Vets and RCMP
  • Busan Port Authority
  • Bush Pilot Airways (a.k.a. Air Queensland), a former Australian airline
  • Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong, a pro-establishment political party in Hong Kong
  • Business Professionals of America, a career and technical student organization that is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio

In business:

  • Business process analysis
  • Business process automation

In cryptography:

  • Branch prediction analysis

In science:

  • Basic process algebra or process calculus
  • Bisphenol A, a man-made carbon-based synthetic compound used in the manufacture of certain plastics
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis, a technique in forensic science
  • Beta-Nitropropionic acid, a mycotoxin

In sports:

  • Best player available, a philosophy used by some teams in a player draft (sports)
  • Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C., and English non-league football club

In music:

  • Brighton Port Authority, an alias for Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim


  • Oracle BPA Suite, Business Process Analysis software
  • Bachelor of Public Administration