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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boyne \Boyne\ n. a battle in the War of the Grand Alliance in Ireland in 1690, where William III of England defeated the deposed James II and so ended Stuart Catholicism in England.

Syn: battle of Boyne, battle of the Boyne.


Several terms incorporating the word "Boyne" include:
* Boann, the Irish goddess after whom the river is named

  • Boyne River (disambiguation)
  • Boyne Falls, Michigan,
  • Boyne Resorts, a ski resort company in Michigan
  • Boyne Mountain, a ski resort which has the world's oldest chair lift
  • Battle of the Boyne, a battle in 1690
  • Brú na Bóinne, the Boyne valley
  • Boyne, Halton Region, Ontario
  • John Boyne, author
  • Peter Boyne, Australian Rules footballer
  • Walter J. Boyne, author and historian

Usage examples of "boyne".

And then Boyne came out, like a roaring flame, the bread knife whistling about his head.

As a starter, he bent to pick up the quarter-kilo of bread Boyne had dropped, dusted it off and slipped it into his pocket.

It drowned out the distant noise from where Boyne had finally been run to earth, a block and more away.

Citizen Boyne, of course, was carefully opening every seam with graceful rending motions, miming great smooth effort of the biceps and trapezius.

Germyn, as was his right by position and status as a connoisseur, helped prepare Citizen Boyne for his Donation.

Over the form of Citizen Boyne, silent, barely visible, a flicker of life and motion.

Mount Everest, in Wheeling, West Virginia, Citizen Boyne had attained the rapture of total emptying of the mind.

It was the miniature thunderclap of air slapping together, as it filled the space that had been occupied by the kneeling, meditating form of Citizen Boyne, raptly awaiting his Donation of Fluid.

Haendl, taking one of the guns out of the rack thoughtfully and caressing it as the doomed Boyne had his watch-case.

French, the free English, and the Irish at the Battle of the Boyne is honorable.

Eliza found herself thinking of Bob Shaftoe, who must be there at this battle on the Boyne, if he had not died of disease over the winter.

William launched a diversionary attack across the Boyne not far from where he had been hit.

They crossed the Boyne, at any rate, and formed up on the south bank, and withstood several Jacobite cavalry charges.

King William had come over before the Battle of the Boyne he had brought fresh recruits to replace the ones who had sickened and died over the winter, but not enough of the sort Bob favored.

If Boyne had sent a warning to Caradec it would be only because he intended to back up that warning.