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Boyes is a family name and may refer to:

  • Adam Boyes (born 1990), English semi-professional footballer
  • Brad Boyes (born 1982), American ice hockey player
  • Brian Barratt-Boyes (1924–2006), New Zealand heart surgeon
  • Dave Boyes (born 1964), Canadian rower
  • Duncan Gordon Boyes (1846–1869), British recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Fiona Boyes, Australian blues musician
  • Frank Boyes (1874–1961), Canadian politician and cheese maker
  • George Boyes (1910–1986), South African cricketer
  • Harry Boyes (1868–1892), South African rugby union player
  • Harry Boyes (cricketer) (1908–1979), South African cricketer
  • Jerry Boyes, American football coach
  • John H. Boyes (1886–1958), New Zealand Public Service Commissioner
  • John Boyes (musician) (born 1966), British musician and photographer
  • Karl Boyes (1936–2003), American politician
  • Ken Boyes (footballer, born 1895) (1895–1963), English professional footballer
  • Ken Boyes (footballer, born 1935) (1935–2010), English professional footballer
  • Rex Boyes, New Zealand soccer player
  • Roger Boyes (born 1952), British journalist
  • Roland Boyes (1937–2006), British politician
  • Stuart Boyes (1899–1973), English cricketer
  • Walter Boyes (1913–1960), English professional footballer
  • Boyes, Montana, USA
  • Boyes Hot Springs, California, USA
  • Bad Boyes, 1987 British children's television series
  • Boyes, trading name of UK department store chain W Boyes & Co
  • Coope Boyes and Simpson, British vocal folk trio

Usage examples of "boyes".

You know quite well the difference between right and wrong in such matters, and you may think that, if Harriet Vane had not become to a certain extent corrupted by the unwholesome influences among which she lived, she would have shown a truer heroism by dismissing Philip Boyes from her society.

According to Miss Marriott, with whom Harriet Vane took refuge after the separation, the prisoner steadily refused to give any information on the subject, saying only that she had been painfully deceived by Boyes and never wished to hear his name spoken again.

According to her statement — and on this point her evidence is confirmed by a letter which Philip Boyes wrote to his father — Boyes did at length offer her legal marriage, and this was the cause of the quarrel.

She says — and you must try to put yourselves in her place and understand her point of view if you can — that she was angry with Boyes because, after persuading her against her will to adopt his principles of conduct, he then renounced those principles and so, as she says, ‘made a fool of her.

Although living in the same quarter of London, Boyes and the accused do not seem to have met very often after the separation.

Three sets of coincidences — as you may perhaps think them to be — Harriet Vane and Philip Boyes meet ‘towards the end of March,’ and he has an attack of gastritis on March 31st.

Vaughan came back to town together on the evening of the 19th, and there would seem to be no doubt at all that Boyes was then in the best of health.

At 11 o’clock Boyes had a Guinness, observing that, according to the advertisements it was ‘Good for you.

During the game the remark was made by one of the players that Harlech had done Boyes good, and he replied that he was feeling fitter than he had done for many months.

Philip Boyes then beat the eggs and sugar together, cooked the omelette in the chafing-dish, filled it with hot jam, which was brought in by Hannah Westlock, and then himself divided it into two portions, giving one to Mr.

The omelette — the only dish which did not go out to the kitchen — was prepared by Philip Boyes himself and shared by his cousin.

Urquhart drew the cork and then handed the bottle intact to Philip Boyes, saying that he himself would not take any — he had been advised not to drink at mealtimes.

Philip Boyes drank two glassfuls and the remainder of the bottle was fortunately preserved.

After dinner, coffee is offered, but Boyes excuses himself on the ground that he does not care for Turkish coffee, and moreover will probably be given coffee by Harriet Vane.

He says that Boyes spoke in a hurried and abrupt tone, like that of a person in distress of mind or body.