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n. (plural of boycott English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: boycott)

Usage examples of "boycotts".

It might herald a determined infiltration of the area which would almost certainly I'e followed by a campaign to politicize the local black population, with the resulting protest rallies and boycotts of the bus line and white-owned businesses, and all the other trouble whipped up by the agitators of the African National Congress and the newly formed Pan Africanist Congress.

Then Raleigh joined the comrades who were enforcing the decrees of the African National Congress, the boycotts and the strikes and the work stoppages.

I suggest we send twenty or thirty men to reinforce Sharpeville, and concentrate our main efforts on the larger townships with violent histories of boycotts and strikes.

His plan was to organize a permanent mass movement on a nationwide basis and to conduct protests, marches, and boycotts.

I think we've reached the point in black America where we've completely given up on the mass demonstrations, sit-ins and boycotts.

That operation organized boycotts of supermarkets and other retailers that did not conform to Jackson 's hiring vision.

By pulling ads and organizing boycotts, they can exert leverage on ISPs to pull the plug on controversial websites.

There were boycotts, protests, and even outright rioting in some areas, which caused a lot of folks to back off.