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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boxen \Box"en\ (b[o^]ks"'n), a. Made of boxwood; pertaining to, or resembling, the box ( Buxus). [R.]

The faded hue of sapless boxen leaves.


Etymology 1 a. 1 Made of boxwood. 2 Resembling box (the wood). Etymology 2

n. (context computing slang English) Multiple computers (or occasionally a single computer), especially those running Unix.


Boxen may refer to:

  • Boxen (C. S. Lewis), a fictional land developed by C. S. Lewis and his brother Warren Lewis in their childhood
  • Boxen Island, Tasmania, Australia
  • Jyske Bank Boxen, informally just called Boxen, large indoor arena in Herning, Denmark
  • Boxen (album), 1998 box set by Swedish punk band Ebba Grön
Boxen (C. S. Lewis)

Boxen is a fictional world that C. S. Lewis ("Jack") and his brother W. H. Lewis ("Warren") created as children. The world of Boxen was created when Jack's stories about Animal-Land and Warnie's stories about India were brought together. In Surprised by Joy, Jack explains that the union of Animal-Land and India took place "sometime in the late eighteenth century (their eighteenth century, not ours)".

During a time when influenza was ravaging many families, the Lewis brothers were forced to stay indoors and entertain themselves by reading. They read whatever books they could find, both those written for children and adults. Influenced by Beatrix Potter's animals, C.S. Lewis wrote about Animal-Land, complete with details about its economics, politics/government, and history, as well as illustrations of buildings and characters.

The stories were published posthumously as Boxen: The Imaginary World of the Young C. S. Lewis Edited by Walter Hooper and first published by London: Collins May 28, 1985. First American edition: San Diego: Harcourt, Brace, Javanovich, October 17, 1985. (republished as Boxen: Childhood Chronicles Before Narnia).

Boxen (album)

Boxen is a box set that was released on 1998 by the punk band Ebba Grön. It contains four CDs and booklet with the story of the band. The first three discs are extended versions of their three studio albums, We're Only In It For The Drugs, Kärlek & Uppror, and Ebba Grön. The fourth disc is an extended version of their live album that also was released in 1998, Ebba Grön Live. Some songs from the latter album have been omitted, e.g. "Die Mauer," while others have been added, e.g. "Beväpna Er."

For their 30-year anniversary in 2008 the box set was released again with a new design and a bonus DVD, Ebba the Movie.

Usage examples of "boxen".

He noticed, as if in a dream, that the Lieutenants Apteno and Boxen were not amused.