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Knapp has shown that they were protracted to include matters relating to Bowring and long posterior to the period covered by the autobiography, and that the magnitude of these additions compelled him to divide the book in two.

The letters to Bowring we must leave to another chapter, but they commence in 1829 and continue through 1830 and 1831.

With such interest in common it was natural that the two men should be brought together, but Bowring had the qualities which enabled him to make a career for himself and Borrow had not.

After the Reform Bill of 1832 Bowring was frequently a candidate for Parliament, and was finally elected for Bolton in 1841.

Later he was associated with Sir John Bowring in negotiating a commercial treaty with France.

In 1847 he had hopes of the consulship at Canton, but Bowring wanted it for himself, and a misunderstanding over this led to an inevitable break of old friendship.

The jade bowring he used to protect his long fingernails glinted in the rising sun.

Tanjo breathed once against the string and then lifted the jade bowring clear of the bow.

Jeremy Bentham, appeared under the editorship of Sir John Bowring and Henry Southern.

For the statement following the writer is indebted to Sir Edgar Bowring, the High Commissioner of Newfoundland.

Sir John Bowring then demanded, that as Canton was included in the five ports opened by the treaty of 29th of August, 1842, such facilities for commerce as existed at the other four ports should be opened to British residents at Canton.

As you in woods and wanton wildernesseYour glory set, to chace the saluage beasts,So my delight is all in ioyfulnesse,In beds, in bowres, in banckets, and in feasts:And ill becomes you with your loftie creasts,To scorne the ioy, that Ioue is glad to seeke.

His dearest Dame is that Enchaunteresse,The vile Acrasia, that with vaine delightes,And idle pleasures in his[her] Bowre of Blisse,Does charme her louers, and the feeble sprightesCan call out of the bodies of fraile wightes:Whom then she does transforme to mõstrous hewes,And horribly misshapes with vgly sightes,Captiu'd eternally in yron mewes,And darksom dens, where Titan his face neuer shewes.

Guyon, by Palmers gouernance,passing through perils great,Doth ouerthrow the Bowre of blisse,and Acrasie defeat.

Thence passing forth, they shortly do arriue,Whereas the Bowre of Blisse was situate.