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Bown is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andy Bown (born 1946), English musician
  • Archie Bown (1882–1958), English football (soccer) striker
  • Chuck Bown (born 1954), NASCAR champion
  • Heather Bown (born 1978), American volleyball player
  • Jane Bown (born 1925), British photographer
  • Jim Bown (born 1960), NASCAR driver
  • John Young Bown (1821–1890), Canadian physician
  • Paul Bown (born 1957), British actor
  • Ralph Bown (1891–1971), noted American radio pioneer
  • Stuart Bown (born 1978), Australian rules footballer

Usage examples of "bown".

Chris Baggs, Clare Bainbridge, Paul Barlow, Francis Barnard, Lucinda Becker, Cynthia Behrman, Gemma Bentley, Alex Bernson, Marjorie Bloy, Nancy Booth, Nicola Bown, Trev Broughton, Arthur Burns, Jamie Byng, Rosemary Campbell, Roger Cline, Ken Collins, Betty Cortus, Eileen M.

Mother gave me her watch, and I shall have no money to take me to Bowning, where I am going to a situation.