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n. 1 (plural of bowel English) 2 (context plural only English) The deepest or innermost part. 3 (context plural only English) The concept or quality that defines something at its very core. 4 (context plural only English) The intestines.


n. the center of the Earth

Usage examples of "bowels".

In amenorrhea appearing under such circumstances, pain in the stomach and bowels, sometimes with nausea and headache also accompany the menstrual trouble.

The household had been shaken to its bowels, servants fled, Brutus shut in his rooms.

Paran judged that they had gone down six, perhaps seven levels into the bowels of the earth.

Matron possessed no breasts, so he knew these to be delusions, yet was sustained by them none the lessand times when he began voiding his bladder and bowels, and she held him out when he did this, so he fouled only himself.

Hunters, down, through floor after floor, into the bowels of the keep.

Now the river had found a lower channel, and the place where the waterfall had been was now a cliff, smooth as ivory, falling away below beyond the reach of his flashlight beam, plummeting like a gigantic mine shaft into the bowels of the earth.

Asthma when derangements of the stomach are present, white coated tongue, costive bowels, sluggish liver.

Dryness of the bowels, with watery secretions in other parts, watery eyes, excess of saliva, watery vomiting etc.

I headed for the basement, aware that I was spending an inordinate amount of time in the dark bowels of this building.

I picked out a promising place on the north end, visible from both South Boston and downtown, and we started pounding pipe segments down into the bowels of Spectacle Island.

Deep in the bowels of the ship, small groups of pale and adorned people mingled exquisite hand gestures and perfumes, the dim light casting eerie shadows -- a hand, a profile, a jaw angle, on to the wooden and slightly damp walls.

Wade and Bryan were probably headed to Daytona Beach, and Sarah was most likely asleep within the titanium bowels of the space shuttle gantry.

She half expected monsters to grab her and rip out her bowels, or a sawed-off shotgun to be stuck in her face followed by being duct-taped to a stacking chair.

The walls were rounded, like the floor and the ceiling, as though he and his team were walking through the bowels of some enormous beast.

He was in a bare, featureless room, deep below the surface, in the dark metal bowels beneath the Imperial Palace.