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She breathed the air, even though it were close and packed with thunder, and as the hill grew steeper by the Bowder Stone, she set her knees to it and braced her back and climbed bravely to the turning of the road.

Beauties and Curiosities of the district as we passed them, the Ingenuity of the Bowder Stone, the Beauties of the River Derwent, a wood above the river where not so long back they drowned a Witch, but I will not detain you with these, knowing, dearest Pelham, your Unmitigated Impatience with anything that has not to do with a graceful Ankle or a Pack of Cards, and so proceeding over the Wildest Country, all Horrid Boulders and Little Trees growing in grotesque profusion, we approached at length the village of Rosthwaite.

I heard the big bowders shifted from their beds by the tumbling waters.