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Bowd is a village on the outskirts of Sidmouth in Devon, England.

Usage examples of "bowd".

But as in gaze admiring: Oft he bowd His turret Crest, and sleek enamel'd Neck, Fawning, and lick'd the ground whereon she trod.

ADAM bowd low, hee Kingly from his State Inclin'd not, but his coming thus declar'd.

I waited until I felt better and then made my way, not towards Flakk and her competition winners, but towards Bowden and the LiteraTec office.

It drove round the next corner, stopped abruptly when it saw Bowden and started to reverse.

We entered, and I saw Bowden's eyes light up at the collection of old books and manuscripts.

You could always rely on Bowden to be analytical about a problem – no matter how strange it might seem.

I made some coffee and called Bowden for a long chat, trying to find out what else had changed since Landen's eradication.

Dad had once said that the past has an astonishing resistance to change, he wasn't kidding I thanked Bowden, hung up and painted for a while, trying to relax.

The waitress is a compound of Lottie from your lunch with Bowden and the woman in the chip shop.

By the time I was ready to go home I had learned a few tricks about emergency book evacuation procedures (page 34), read about the aims of the Bowdlerizers (page 62), a group of well-meaning yet censorious individuals hell-bent on removing obscenities from fiction.

I joined the general exodus and wished Bowden good luck with his routine.

Perhaps the best thing would be if you kept this under your hat and we pretended that Bowden never said anything.

Named after Thomas Bowdler, who attempted to make Shakespeare "family reading" by cutting lines from the plays, believing by so doing that "the transcendental genius of the poet would undoubtedly shine with greater lustre".

Attempts to infiltrate the Bowdlerisers have so far met with no success.

Yet therewith sore enrag'd, with sterne regardHer dreadfull weapon she to him addrest,Which on his helmet martelled so hard,That made him low incline his lofty crest,And bowd his battred visour to his brest:Wherewith he was so stund, that he n'ote ryde,But reeled to and fro from East to West:Which when his cruell enimy espyde,She lightly vnto him adioyned side to syde.