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Bov can refer to many things:

  • Bov (mythology) - A king in Celtic mythology.
  • Bov municipality - A municipality in Denmark.
  • Bug-out vehicle - Bug-out vehicle, used by survivalists to escape a calamity.
  • Blowoff valve - An element of modern turbocharged vehicles.
  • BOV (APC) - A Yugoslavian wheeled armoured personnel carrier.
  • Bov and Gara Bov ("Bov Station"), villages in Svoge municipality, Sofia Province, Bulgaria.
  • Bolivian Mvdol (funds code), an ISO4217 registered currency code
  • BOV: Broker Opinion of Value.
  • In scuba diving with a rebreather: bailout valve: valve to turn to switch to breathing from an open-circuit bailout.
  • BoV - Bank of Valletta, a bank in Malta.

The BOV (Borbeno Oklopno Vozilo), literally "Combat Armored Vehicle", is an all-wheel drive armoured vehicle manufactured in the former Yugoslavia.