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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boun \Boun\, a. [See Bound ready.] Ready; prepared; destined; tending. [Obs.]


Boun \Boun\, v. t. To make or get ready.
--Sir W. Scott.

  1. (context obsolete English) ready, prepared. v

  2. To make or get ready; prepare.

Usage examples of "boun".

Oh, many a knight there fought bravely and well, Yet one was accounted his peers to excel, And 'twas he whose sole armour on body and breast Seem'd the weed of a damsel when bouned for her rest.

And on the fifteenth day of July was the fleet busked and boun in Tenemos Roads, and that great army of five thousand men-at-arms, with horses and all instruments of war, marched from their camp without Carcë down to the sea.

Alle the hatheles that on horse schulde helden hym after Were boun busked on hor blonkke3 bifore the halle 3atez.