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Boulonnais may refer to:

  • Boulonnais horse
  • Boulonnais (land area)
Boulonnais (land area)

The Boulonnais is a coastal area of northern France, around Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer. It has a curved belt of chalk downs which run into the sea at both ends, and geologically is the east end of the Weald-Artois Anticline.

Boulonnais (horse)

Usage examples of "boulonnais".

Georges Boulonnais is presently being heralded amongst the salons and art dealers of Paris.

An artist of the caliber of Monsieur Boulonnais should be introduced to the Scottish art world in a major city of industry and refinement.

As there is no shortage of dealers in Paris anxious to take them, Boulonnais has instructed me that if they cannot be shown immediately here, then I am to return them to France.

The eminent artist Georges Boulonnais is about to have his inaugural Scottish exhibition next Saturday evening.

Lytton was astute enough to realize that it would be a major coup if the reclusive Monsieur Boulonnais were to make an appearance at this opening.

He said it was to help cover any expenses Monsieur Boulonnais might have, should he decide to travel to Glasgow.

Georges Boulonnais and determine whether or not they thought it had merit.

Blake, and of course his friend, Boulonnais, will profit very handsomely as well.

You will tell people that I have gone to France to see Boulonnais, to let him know how his exhibition went and bring him his share of his earnings.

Herr Reichsregent, he has a small coach, plated with proof, and drawn by six big geldings of the Boulonnais stock.

Dominique imagined the elegant white Boulonnais might be waiting for that very incident.