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Boulet may refer to:

  • Boulet (surname)
  • Boulet (comics), pseudonym of the French comic book artist Gilles Roussel
  • Bouleț River, a river in Romania
Boulet (comics)

Boulet, the pen name for Gilles Roussel , is a French comic book creator and cartoonist born 1 February 1975 in Meaux, France. He was among the first French cartoonists to become famous by publishing a comic strip weblog, starting in July 2004.

Boulet (surname)

Boulet is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Gerry Boulet (1946–1990), Canadian rock singer and lead vocal of Offenbach
  • Julie Boulet (born 1959), Canadian politician and Quebec provincial Cabinet minister
  • Lionel Boulet (1919–1996), Canadian engineer
  • Magdalena Lewy-Boulet (born 1973), American runner
  • Sergio Alvarez Boulet, Cuban weightlifter
  • Jonathan Boulet, Australian born musician, self-titled and drummer for 'Parades'

Fictional characters:

  • Jeanie Boulet, a character from the television series ER

Usage examples of "boulet".

Les boulets comme la grele Passaient parmi nos vaisseaux, Brisant mats, cordages, voile, Et mettant tout en lambeaux.

Je pars en avant, les miens me suivent, et nous tombons dans la redoute, terribles et rapides comme des boulets vivants.