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n. (plural of bough English)

Usage examples of "boughs".

Through the thick boughs could be seen the move^ ment of torches, bobbing down towards the main bridge.

With the mass of overlapping spruce and balsam boughs and the tangled dead limbs of ancient oaks draped with gossamer moss curtains, to say nothing of the gloomy drizzle, vines, and dense tangle of saplings struggling to reach up for the elusive light, it was not easy to see very far.

Without slowing, he batted aside tamarack limbs and ducked under balsam boughs.

Victor and Nicci foraged the un-derstory along the base of the heavily forested slope, cutting and collecting balsam boughs.

Once he had the log framework securely in place against an overhang of rock, he started stacking the balsam boughs along the bottom.

Victor and Nicci dragged armfuls of boughs close to keep him supplied as he worked.

None of the others spoke, apparently absorbed in worry that whatever had killed the men might be out there, among the deepening shadows, hunting the four of them as they prepared to go to sleep in a fortress made of nothing more than balsam boughs.

Richard's fingers were numb with cold as he quickly wove on the remaining boughs.

Victor said as Richard placed the last of the boughs over the shelter.

Cara, obviously prepared to take Nicci's side if he argued, turned back from watching them from out of the small opening between the boughs.

They had laid down a bed of boughs over the exposed ground so they would have a relatively soft and dry platform upon which to sleep.

Whatever it was, as it moved closer it caught limbs and boughs all around him, gently pushing leaves and brush aside as it advanced.

It suggested a miniature fir tree stripped bare, with intricately curved boughs and subbranchings.

They buffeted the landscape with fitful gusts, rattling drearily among boughs almost bare, snatching the last leaves and hunting them with whimsical savagery.

White stars arrayed a fretwork of black boughs, and the green star of the south was a shining leaf among them.