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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bouche \Bouche\, Bouch \Bouch\, n. [F. bouche mouth, victuals.]

  1. A mouth. [Obs.]

  2. An allowance of meat and drink for the tables of inferior officers or servants in a nobleman's palace or at court. [1913 Webster] ||

Usage examples of "bouch".

Well, then they would go on to Les Baux itself, at the Bouches du Rhone on the edge of the Camargue.

In the Bouches du-Rhône, where the canton of Seignon, by mistake or through routine, swore "to maintain the constitution of the kingdom," it sets aside these retrograde elected representatives, commences proceedings against the "crime committed," and sends troops against Noves because the Noves elector, a justice who is denounced and in peril, has escaped from the electoral den.

In the Electoral Assembly of the Bouches du-Rhône "there was a desire to kill an elector suspected of aristocracy.

In the two departments alone of Bouches du-Rhône and Vaucluse, Representative Maignet, who is on the spot, reports from 12,000 to 15,000 arrests.

To effect this, Maignet,[89] in Vaucluse, and in the Bouches du Rhône, prescribes for each municipality the immediate formation of two lists, one of day laborers and the other of proprietors.