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n. 1 (plural of bottom English) 2 (context plurale tantum English) The bottom (trouser) part of clothing, as in ''pyjama bottoms'', ''tracksuit bottoms''. vb. (en-third-person singular of: bottom)

Usage examples of "bottoms".

Possibly, Susie smiled in recollection, remembering the upturned bottoms, jnst possibly beause the spanker had the unswerving habit of gently palming their rounded rumps for several bewitching moments before the grimmer business in hand commenced.

He set the cage on the dresser and shrugged out of his black robe, baring his broad shoulders, muscular chest and the silk bottoms to his pajamas.

He stood up and let the silk bottoms fall to the floor, revealing the strong column of his erection.

Watching the models hastily dress and undress had been exhilarating: those voluptuous bosoms squeezing into tight bustiers, the pert bottoms wriggling within the confines of satin and leather.

How red the bare bottoms blazed after the administration of severe chastisement.

The baring of the five beautiful bottoms followed by intimate inspection of the naked cheeks.

Never before had she experienced the delights of control, of sovereignty, over such beautiful bared bottoms waiting for pain.

An example of Jacobean domestic architecture at its finest, The Bottoms boasts a number of historical features including a priest hole, moulded plasterwork ceilings, heraldic fireplaces and stone-flagged floors throughout.

The Bottoms, the house so far out of their price range it might as well have been Longleat.

Not only was The Bottoms the largest house in Eight Mile Bottom, but the village also boasted a sheep-like bunch of rustics all ready to rally under the banner of her own dramatic vision.

The Bottoms the absolute converse of everything Basia Briggs had inflicted on Roland Gardens.

Lots of invitees had not yet replied - was this because The Bottoms had roughly the reputation of the Bates Motel?

Another megastar to take The Bottoms off her hands would come in very useful just now.

Guy - hired at vast expense to turn the lawns of The Bottoms into the Kasbah.

Guy promised himself, he would try to persuade his daughter to stay at The Bottoms for a while.