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n. (obsolete spelling of bottom English)


Bottome is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Peter Bottome (1937–2016), Venezuelan businessman
  • Phyllis Bottome (1884–1963), British writer

Usage examples of "bottome".

And therewithall shee willed secretly the residue to depart : who being gone she sayd, My most deare Cousin Lucius, I do sweare by the goddesse Diana, that I doe greatly tender your safety, and am as carefull for you as if you were myne owne naturall childe, beware I say, beware of the evil arts and wicked allurements of that Pamphiles who is the wife of Milo, whom you call your Host, for she is accounted the most chief and principall Magitian and Enchantresse living, who by breathing out certain words and charmes over bowes, stones and other frivolous things, can throw down all the powers of the heavens into the deep bottome of hell, and reduce all the whole world againe to the old Chaos.

But I have such confidence in you and in your wisedome, by reason that you are come of so noble a line, and endowed with so profound sapience, and further instructed in so many holy and divine things, that you will faithfully keepe silence, and that whatsoever I shall reveale or declare unto you, you would close them within the bottome of your heart, and never discover the same : for I ensure you, the love that I beare unto you, enforceth mee to utter it.

Then shee fetching a sigh from the bottome of her heart, lifted up her eyes to the heavens, saying : O soveraigne Gods, deliver mee if it be your pleasure, from these present dangers : and thou cruell fortune cease thy wrath, let the sorrow suffice thee which I have already sustained.

There was a vessel wrought with a round bottome, haveing on the one side, pictures figured like unto the manner of the Egyptians, and on the other side was an eare, whereupon stood the Serpent Aspis, holding out his scaly necke.