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Usage examples of "botte".

Repubblica, che dopo aver violato infamemente il nostro territorio, impadronitasi per inganno del principale nostro porto di mare, attaccata proditoriamente la nostra capitale e ricevute delle meravigliose botte, gridava: al tradimento!

Fenian society But in effect, from the turned-up toes of his bottes sauvages to the ends of his black mustache, the proprietor of this name was a Frenchman--Canadian French, you understand, and therefore even more proud and tenacious of his race than if he had been born in Normandy.

Knowing himself to be nearly done, he attempted a botte coupee, feinting in high carte and thrusting in a low tierce.

It stands in Instopressible how Meynhir Mayour, our boorgomaister, thon staunch Thorsman, (our Nancy's fancy, our own Nanny's Big Billy), his hod hoisted, in best bib and tucker, with Woolington bottes over buckram babbishkis and his clouded cane and necknoose aureal, surrounded of his full cooperation with fixed baronets and meng our pueblos, restrained by chain of hands from pinchgut, hoghill, darklane, gibbetmeade and beaux and laddes and bumbellye, shall receive Dom King at broadstone barrow meet a keys of goodmorrow on to his pompey cushion.

Botte came to my memorial fas, may I add, did almost the entire junior high school—.