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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bote \Bote\, n. [Old form of boot; -- used in composition. See 1st Boot.] (Law)

  1. Compensation; amends; satisfaction; expiation; as, man bote, a compensation or a man slain.

  2. Payment of any kind.

  3. A privilege or allowance of necessaries.

    Note: This word is still used in composition as equivalent to the French estovers, supplies, necessaries; as, housebote, a sufficiency of wood to repair a house, or for fuel, sometimes called firebote; so plowbote, cartbote, wood for making or repairing instruments of husbandry; haybote or hedgebote, wood for hedges, fences, etc. These were privileges enjoyed by tenants under the feudal system.


n. 1 The atonement, compensation, amends, satisfaction, penance, expiation; as, manbote, a compensation for a man slain. 2 A payment of any kind. 3 A privilege or allowance of necessaries, especially in feudal times. 4 (context legal historical English) A right to take wood from property not one's own. 5 (context obsolete English) repairs 6 (context obsolete English) advantage, benefit, profit, cure, remedy


Bote may refer to

  • Qafë Botë, a mountain pass through the Albanian mountains
  • Bote Mountain in the United States
  • Porta-bote, a boat
  • An Old English word for estover
  • Bote-Darai language of Nepal
  • Bote & Bock, a German publishing house
  • Inday Bote, a 2015 Philippine fantasy comedy-drama television series
  • Der Elsässer Bote, a defunct German-language daily newspaper in France
  • Der Bote, a defunct German-language newspaper in Canada
  • Hinkender Bote, the title of several almanacs which appeared in Switzerland in 17th–18th centuries
  • José Solano y Bote (1726–1806), Spanish naval officer
  • Ribeira Bote, an association football club in Cape Verde

Usage examples of "bote".

Cawcaw went fishing agen today in the bote ferst i padled and he skiped and then he padeled and i skiped.

I took up my hatchet dat I had in de bote, whar I split liteard wid and hit him on de head.

So I drug de man ober de side of de bote into the water, and mashed him down in the mud, an dat man never cum up any more.

Cawcaw fishes when the feller which is skiping gets a bite he lets him have it a minit and the feller whitch is padling the bote padles towards the shore and then the feller whitch is skiping gumps rite out as soon as the water aint over his head and gives a big yank, and the pikeril goes saling into the field.

Cawcaw he padled the bote towards the shore and i gumped out lively and gumped into a deep place and went down way under.

Started at larst very suddent, causin the bote for to lurch vilently and knockin me orf from my pins.

So I hitched myself to a Kanawl bote, there bein two other hosses hitcht on also, one behind and anuther ahead of me.