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n. (plural of bosom English)

Usage examples of "bosoms".

A few days afterwards, as I was forming a line with a crowd of courtiers to enjoy the ever new pleasure of seeing the king go to mass, a pleasure to which must be added the advantage of looking at the naked and entirely exposed arms and bosoms of Mesdames de France, his daughters, I suddenly perceived the Cavamacchia, whom I had left in Cesena under the name of Madame Querini.

Heart calleth unto heart, and we draw our pleasures from the deep wells of loving-kindness which lie in the quiet recesses of our bosoms, and which, when resorted to, furnish forth the pure element of domestic felicity.

How well she remembered the time when she first unpacked it for her young husband, and the white shirt bosoms showed their snowy plaits!

He stands breast-high in the common stream of sympathy, and the fine oil of his poetic feeling goes from him upon an element it is its nature to float upon, and which carries it safe to other bosoms, with little need of deep diving or high flying.

On that holy altar they kindled the fires, Jehovah, which glow in our bosoms for Thee.

A nobler motive fills your bosoms now, To wreathe the laurel round the silvered brow Of one who merits it--if any can-- The artist, author, and the honest man.

By anticipation their bosoms swelled with gratitude, and their hearts dilated into praise.

With artful inadvertence the gauze seemed to withdraw from their panting bosoms, and new and still newer charms discovered themselves to enchant the eyes and inflame the heart.