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n. (obsolete form of bosom English)

Usage examples of "bosome".

O Hatefull hellish Snake, what furie furstBrought thee from balefull house of Proserpine,Where in her bosome she thee long had nurst,And fostred vp with bitter milke of tine,Fowle Gealosie, that turnest loue diuineTo ioylesse dread, and mak'st the louing hartWith hatefull thoughts to languish and to pine,And feed it selfe with selfe-consuming smart?

Those that imagine Heaven and Hell neighbours, and conceive a vicinity between those two extreams, upon consequence of the Parable, where Dives discoursed with Lazarus in Abraham's bosome, do too grosly conceive of those glorified creatures, whose eyes shall easily out-see the Sun, and behold without a perspective the extreamest distances: for if there shall be in our glorified eyes, the faculty of sight and reception of objects, I could think the visible species there to be in as unlimitable a way as now the intellectual.