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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bosky \Bosk"y\, a. [Cf. Bushy.]

  1. Woody or bushy; covered with boscage or thickets.

  2. Caused by boscage.

    Darkened over by long bosky shadows.
    --H. James.


a. 1 Having abundant bushes, shrubs or trees. 2 Caused by trees or shrubs. 3 bushy, bristling.

  1. adj. covered with or consisting of bushes or thickets; "brushy undergrowth"; "`bosky' is a literary term"; "a bosky park leading to a modest yet majestic plaza"- Jack Beatty [syn: brushy]

  2. [also: boskiest, boskier]

Usage examples of "bosky".

Their children climbed out of it and stood upon the bosky shores, and they were the Amphibia like our friends the newts.

But whether Bosky folk live in tree flets, stone field houses, fen stilt houses, or burrows, none are safe where the Vulg walks, for Vulgs slink in secret through the night.

But even if it is, till the High King calls we will concentrate on the defense of the Bosky, by Beyonder Guarding and Vulg Hunting.

It was smaller than the Prater in Vienna, but contained every kind of landscape from bosky wildwoods to velvet lawns, brilliant flower beds, ponds with swans, fountains and cascades, bridle paths and walkways.

Rover on the motorway so they went down to Hampshire on the old route, the A30 through Egham and Hartley Wintney to Basingstoke and then on the straight Roman road to Sutton Scotney and across a deep green countryside of easy hills and bosky trees to Stockbridge.

And here, where bosky thickets burgeoned round, She pointed to a chasm in the ground.

Ida was really doing with her capital was very different than what Bosky thought, but it would take at least one cycle for the confusion to subside and Bosky to figure out just how many megacredits he had lost.

Arcole looked about, seeing a gentle landscape: woods bosky in the distance, a wide river that ran all silvery inland, and, beside it, Grostheim.

The worn, discouraged knight Read the brief scroll, then sadly forth again, Along the bosky alleys of the park, Passed to the glare and noise of summer streets.

Some were barely visible in the bosky grove, at the extreme reach of the backwash from the motor-home headlights, but she thought that there were as many as a dozen altogether, all standing at attention, as though transfixed by woodland music beyond human hearing.

The dancing was to be out of doors on a vast planking, or platform, set up in the heart of that bosky court which the hotel incloses.

Wherever the Feldberg brooks slowed enough to pool there were bosky dingles clogged with tall ferns and alders, creeping clematis vines, and fall-blooming primroses with poisonously bright blossoms.

It was said that only the soil of the Bosky in these two river valleys would nourish the barrier, yet the Warrows had managed to cultivate a long stretch of it, reaching from the headwaters of the Spindle in the Northwood across to the headwaters of the Wenden in the Updunes, completing the Thornring entire.