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The Collaborative International Dictionary

bosc \bosc\ n. A greenish-yellow variety of pear.


n. greenish-yellow pear


Bosc may refer to:

  • Bosc pear, a cultivar of the European Pear
  • Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC), an academic conference
  • Gobiosoma bosc, a fish of family Gobiidae

Usage examples of "bosc".

Despite Milo’s having the upper hand, Bosc looked too damn smug, and Milo felt moisture running down his own armpits.

Bosc opened his eyes and laughed as Milo walked around the kitchen opening cabinets and drawers, checking Bosc’s bachelor fridge—beer, wine, piña colada mix, three jars of salsa, an open can of chili-con-whatever.

As Milo checked the freezer, Bosc chuckled again, but when Milo turned to look at him, the guy’s eyes were shut tight and his body had gone loose and he might’ve been napping.

The first page held a certificate from Valley College attesting that Bosc had earned a two-year associate degree in communications.

Then a group shot and an individual photo of Bosc in his probationer’s uniform.

With that kind of know-how and equipment, boosting Rick’s Porsche and returning it vacuumed and wiped clean of prints would’ve been a sleepwalk for Detective Bosc.

As Bosc laughed, Milo said, “Your problem, Craig, is you think you’re a knight, but you’re a shit-eating pawn.

Milo brought the stash out to the rental Polaris, locked them in the trunk, and moved the car directly in front of Bosc’s house.

Pressed his gun in the small of Bosc’s back, making sure not to grow overconfident of his own dominance.

Wondering what he’d do if Bosc complied because walking the guy outside to the rental car, even that short distance, would be risky in full daylight.

And Bosc would reward the largesse with instant hatred and an overpowering bloodlust for revenge.

Given Bosc’s position in the department, he’d be very likely to do serious damage, and Milo knew he was screwed.

Jesus, it had been Rick Bosc tailed initially, Rick’s car Bosc boosted.

He tried to get another look at Craig Eiffel Bosc but caught only the girls’ hyperactivity and the Toyota’s windshield glare.

Not thick enough, though, to obscure the smile on Craig Eiffel Bosc’s SAG-handsome countenance.