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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bos \Bos\, prop. n. [L., ox, cow.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of ruminant quadrupeds, including the wild and domestic cattle, distinguished by a stout body, hollow horns, and a large fold of skin hanging from the neck. [1913 Webster] ||


Bos (from Latin bōs: cow, ox, bull) is the genus of wild and domestic cattle. Bos can be divided into four subgenera: Bos, Bibos, Novibos, and Poephagus, but these divisions are controversial. The genus has five extant species. However, this may rise to seven if the domesticated varieties are counted as separate species, and nine if the closely related genus Bison is also included. Most modern breeds of domesticated cattle are believed to have originated from the extinct aurochs.

Bos (disambiguation)

Bos is a genus of domestic cattle.

Bos, BOS or BoS may also refer to:

Bos (Nahe)

Bos (Nahe) is a river of Saarland, Germany.

Bos (surname)

Bos is a Dutch surname meaning "woods" or "forest". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bert Bos, Dutch computer scientist
  • Henk Bos (disambiguation)
  • Jan Bos (born 1975), Dutch skater & cyclist
  • Jan Just Bos (1939–2003), Dutch botanist, television presenter and rower
  • Jan Ritzema Bos (1850–1928), Dutch phytopathologist
  • Johnny Bos (1952–2013), American boxer and writer
  • Lex Bos (born 1957), Dutch field hockey player
  • Lambert Bos (1670–1717), Dutch scholar and critic
  • Mark Bos (born 1960), Australian-rules footballer
  • Nel Bos (born 1947), Dutch swimmer
  • Ricardo van den Bos (born 1984), Dutch Muay Thai fighter
  • Stef Bos (born 1961), Dutch singer
  • Theo Bos (born 1983), Dutch cyclist
  • Theo Bos (footballer) (1965–2013), Dutch footballer and manager
  • Wouter Bos (born 1963), Dutch politician, leader of the Labour Party, PvdA

Usage examples of "bos".

If, by any chance, one of the expedition staff was William Bosner, then Reiter was by far the most likely person.

When Corrie and Tak van der Bos faced one another they were speechless for a moment.

The outlaws were good trackers, and Tarzan and van der Bos had made no effort to obliterate their spoor.

Through van der Bos, Jerry warned the natives not to remove any of the rifles and ammunition which they left behind.

Van der Bos embellished this threat by assuring the chief that in addition to burning the village they would cut off the heads of all the villagers.

When van der Bos had interpreted what Amat had said, Jerry picked up his rifle and started for the forest.

Van der Bos questioned Lara at length and then interpreted her replies to the others.

TAK VAN DER Bos led Jerry, Bubonovitch, and Rosetti through the Cimmerian darkness of the equatorial forest toward the camp of the outlaws.

If van der Bos slowed down or stopped as he felt for the trail they bumped into one another.

JERRY, Bubonovitch, Rosetti, and van der Bos followed the river down the valley until they came to the trail leading to the left out of the valley and into the forest at the summit of the cliff.

Of all the people he could think of van der Bos was the one he was least desirous of being chummy with.

As Jerry was not looking at him, van der Bos allowed himself the luxury of a grin.

It released its hold on van der Bos and turned on Tarzan, but the man eluded its jaws and struck again and again with his knife.

Bubonovitch and Douglas got van der Bos to a large piece of wreckageone of the outrigger floats.