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Bornova is a metropolitan district of İzmir in İzmir Province in Turkey. It is the third largest district in İzmir's Greater Metropolitan Area of and is almost fully urbanized at the rate of 98,6 per cent, with corresponding high levels of development in terms of industry and services. Bornova center is situated at a distance of to the northeast from the traditional center of İzmir ( Konak Square in Konak, İzmir) and from the coastline at the tip of the Gulf of İzmir to the west. Bornova district area is surrounded by the district areas of Manisa center and Menemen to the north, Kemalpaşa to the east, Buca to the south, and Konak and Karşıyaka to the west, where the larger part of İzmir's urban area extends. Bornova is home to Ege University's main campus and for many at national level in Turkey Bornova's name is synonymous with the university's hospital, one of the largest and the foremost medical centers in western Turkey since decades.

Bornova (İzmir Metro)

Bornova is a station on the currently operating line of the İzmir Metro. It is located near the former Bornova railway station between Ankara and University Avenues. Transfer to city buses are available at an ESHOT bus hub located right next to the station. Even though the station name is Bornova it lies southwest of Bornova's center. Plans to extend the line from Evka 3 to Bronova Center have been made but is unclear when construction will start.

Bornova opened on 22 May 2000, four years after the closure of TCDD's Bornova branch. Between 2000-12, Bornova was the eastern terminus of the line until it was extended two stations further east to Evka 3.

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