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a. boring, uninteresting

Usage examples of "boresome".

Long Bill had the boresome habit of asking questions to which the answers were obvious.

I enjoy cards and whoring, but even cards and whoring can grow boresome.

It wasn't even that the subject was boresome, particularly--it was just that it was pointless.

Though he knew most of the rangers found it boresome when the Captain started in lecturing, he himself enjoyed hearing about the battles Captain Scull described.

One of the deacons has been holding church, but he can't talk plain and he's boresome to have to listen to.

I realise that watchkeepers have more important things with which to exercise their tiny minds than the boresome details of navigationthe girl in the last port, perhaps, or the girl you hope to meet in the next one .

They, no doubt, like us, are haunted by the boresome `if' or `might', But their ghosts are ghosts of daylight -- they are men who live at night!

Of course in this case he didn't have to ask himself where they'd got it, for they'd all originally heard it with him night before last in the Flame Den, when Loki god had seemed to speak from the fire, but that didn't make it any easier to endure or one whit less boresome.

I thought you the most odious, self-satisfied, boresome elderly prig I ever met.