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n. (plural of borehole English)

Usage examples of "boreholes".

Hayward could hear Miller directing other officers to drop their canisters down the boreholes that dotted the floor of the tunnel.

The narrow boreholes of explosive drills lined the walls like the work of disorderly termites.

After the formation of the chambers, materials necessary for atmosphere would have been pumped into Psyche through the boreholes while motors increased her natural spin to create artificial gravity inside.

The main computer and the systems board indicated the transport system through the boreholes was no longer operative.

The one I think more highly of is to get in line-of-sight of your boreholes and relay the proper coded signals to the charges in your interior.

The particle shock waves streamed out through the boreholes, now pressure release valves, and formed a long neck and tail of flame and ionized particles that grew steadily for a thousand kilometers, then faded.