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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bord \Bord\, n. [See Board, n.]

  1. A board; a table. [Obs.]

  2. (Mining) The face of coal parallel to the natural fissures.


Bord \Bord\, n. See Bourd. [Obs.]


Etymology 1 n. 1 (obsolete form of board English) (11th-17th c.) 2 (obsolete form of bourd English) (14th-17th c.) Etymology 2

n. (context mining English) The coalface parallel to the natural fissures.

Usage examples of "bord".

Elle a vu son vieux genie de la terre, son dieu velu, Miraut, attache par une longue laisse a un arbre, au bord du puits.

Hij had zijn bord vrijwel meteen opzijgeschoven en Emilio deed nu hetzelfde, omdat hij zijn buik al vol had door de hapjes die hem tijdens zijn wandeling door het dorp waren opgedrongen.

When you spend sixty hours or more a week driving around a city as small as Dublin, stopping at the side of the road to pick up complete strangers from all walks of life who collectively constitute the DNA of the city, the Bord Failte bullshit of the city of a thousand welcomes quickly fades away as the X-ray like facility of driving a taxi in Dublin reveals the real psyche and make up of the people that populate it.

Sous ma fenetre, des barques amarrees au bord du chenal portent a leur mat, au lieu de voilure, des filets qui sechent.

A chaque virement de bord, les souffrances du jeune prince redoublaient.

Palerme, et nous devons faire des virements de bord de trois en trois milles au plus.

Il y avait grand vacarme de blanchisseuses, elles criaient, parlaient, chantaient du matin au soir le long du bord, et y battaient fort le linge, comme de nos jours.

These things were signified by the strange and dreadfull wondres which fortuned in the house of the good man, who after he had heard these sorrowfull tydings could in no wise weepe, so farre was he stroken with dolour, but presently taking his knife wherewith he cut his cheese and other meate before, he cut his owne throat likewise, in such sort that he fell upon the bord and imbraced the table with the streames of his blond, in most miserable manner.

Il voulait ressembler a Rubens et, pour y parvenir, il portait de longs cheveux, la barbe en pointe, un feutre a larges bords, un pourpoint de velours et un grand manteau.

Amelia appeared a touch befuddled by the swift exchange of grooms, but Longest and Bord seemed in perfect accord.

And so bifel, that after the thridde cours Whil that htis kyng sit thus in his nobleye, Herknynge hise mynstrals hir thynges pleye Biforn hym at the bord deliciously, In at the halle dore al sodeynly Ther cam a knyght, upon a steede of bras, And in his hand a brood mirour of glas, Upon his thombe he hadde of gold a ryng, And by his syde a naked swerd hangyng.

And after this, biforn the heighe bord He with a manly voys seith his message, After the forme used in his langage, Withouten vice of silable or of lettre.

For thogh the pope hadde seten hem biside, I wolde nat spare hem at hir owene bord, For by my trouthe I quitte hem word for word.

In another part he says, [8] "ces chevaux (sauvages) ont la manie de preferer les chemins, et le bord des routes pour deposer leurs excremens, dont on trouve des monceaux dans ces endroits.

Diese Antwort war genauso sinnlos, und jeder an Bord des Night Hawk wuß.