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Borak may refer to:

  • Borak, Bosnia and Herzegovina, a village near Kneževo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Borak, Croatia, a village near Omiš
  • Borak, Iran (disambiguation)
  • Laraki Borak, a Moroccan sportscar made by Laraki
  • Borak rocket, an Iraqi 122mm nerve agent rocket

Usage examples of "borak".

With him were Borak, whom I remembered from our former meeting, and little Taran, and Fido and Bozo, who were both mightily pleased to see me again, and my officer, Kadar.

Borak led the warriors down from the higher crags and hid them on one of the many gorges debouching on the lower slopes, not more than a mile and a half from the city itself.

I will send your head to Fort Ali Masjid, with fifty men to swear El Borak murdered you.

Surely, Norga and Gorn would make short work of Borak, which would make Gorpak and Hooka rest easier.

The words were scarcely out of his mouth before Hooka and Gorpak rose to point out that Borak was an outlaw and hence under sentence of death anyway.

Kamchan had, perhaps maliciously, or perhaps because he knew how much they lusted for the death of Borak, positioned Hooka and Gorpak as his Chieftains, while for his Bowman and Swordsman he had chosen two renowned and skillful veteran fighters, Norga and Gorn.

Then Kamchan, wishing he had placed another in the position, launched Hooka forward to engage Borak.

The former captives climbed aboard the Shondakor and the little scoutcraft, the Lankar-jan, and we took to the air after taking our farewells of Koja and his mate, and of Borak, high chief of the Haroob Clan.

Flaherty had given it to his unit and he'd assigned it to Enders and Borak.