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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ She's going for a boozy night out with her friends.
▪ And it is neither too boozy nor chocolatey.
▪ He looked at her with a kind of boozy jollity.
▪ I took him out for a boozy lunch, and in the end he admitted he'd made the whole thing up.
▪ Lots of cherries and other fruit and good boozy flavour - a cross between Christmas cake and pudding.
▪ On the first and third of every month, the place is packed with old men getting their boozy fixes.
▪ The boozy cook got the trots after a late night meal of undercooked seafood washed down by lashings of wine.
▪ The critics held him in high esteem as an actor, and the fans adored him for his outrageous and boozy personality.
▪ They didn't cost a great deal, but they do look quite classy in a boozy sort of way.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boozy \Booz"y\, a. A little intoxicated; fuddled; stupid with liquor; bousy. [Colloq.]
--C. Kingsley.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"inebriated," 1719, from booze + -y (2). It was one of Benjamin Franklin's 225 synonyms for "drunk" published in 1722. Related: Boozily; booziness.


a. 1 (context of a person English) intoxicated by alcohol 2 (context of a person English) Inclined to consume a significant amount of alcohol 3 (context of an event English) Involving a large consumption of alcohol 4 (context of food English) containing or cooked with alcohol.

  1. adj. given to or marked by the consumption of alcohol; "a bibulous fellow"; "a bibulous evening"; "his boozy drinking companions"; "thick boozy singing"; "a drunken binge"; "two drunken gentleman holding each other up"; "sottish behavior" [syn: bibulous, drunken, sottish]

  2. [also: booziest, boozier]

Usage examples of "boozy".

Looking round, Macro observed the same forwardness in the other Celtic women and was trying to reconcile himself to the strange ways of this new culture when Boudica planted a boozy kiss on his lips.

And now look at him: a boozy, bemedaled, overweight ghost of an officer.

His analyst, a crazed and boozy wetback named Geronimo Diaz, had, of course, a great deal to say about this.

What did the anguish of a boozy, Biblethumping neurotic count next to his monumental dynastic tragedy?

Nixon-appointed geek in the Justice Department might try to crank up on the basis of a series of boozy conversations among journalists, politicians and other half-drunk cynics.

Kilmartin might have overheard at the boozy conferences he liked to attend.

When he returned, an hour later, Richie was in his room, chopping malevolently at the strings of his guitar, singing some droning tune in a low, boozy voice.

Wanderjahr where Dean and Claypoole had spent a boozy afternoon two years before was merely a front.

They spent their time seeking out the more eccentric and discontented Monheganers, who gave them boozy harangues about how the noise caused by the presidential helicopters was causing the lobsters to molt.

Mursil, with his purple boozy face, the lean and saturnine Zadal, Huya the celebrated bowman, and the diminutive yellow Xhai whose fame as a tracker had grown apace in the last few years.

If he had not stopped to tidy off his desk, if he had not been a softhearted ass and agreed to stick around while Eric had one of his late, long, boozy, and erotic lunches, he would have been out of there before this call came in.

His new power base is a thing called the "Taxpayers' League," a sort of reverse-elite corps of the booziest Elks and Eagles, whose only real point of agreement is that every animal in this world that has walked on two legs for less than 50 years is evil, queer and dangerous.

I stood on our dugout’s top step with my cap over my heart listening to the boozy chorusing of our remaining fans.

She's technically alive, but she isn't really here, she is far gone in her alcoholic dementia, her liver on its final boozy gasp.

For half an hour, he spoke continuously, pausing only for an occasional sip of bourbon, recalling his first impression of Frank, the initial friction between them, the tense and the humorous incidents on the job, that boozy evening at The Bolt Hole, the blind date with Janet Yamada, and the recent understanding and affection that he and Frank had found for each other.