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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boort \Boort\, n. See Bort.


n. (alternative form of bort English)


Boort (, locally ) is a town in Victoria, Australia, located next to Lake Boort, in the Shire of Loddon. At the , Boort had a population of 1,173. The town is known for its native birdlife. Boort is a local Aboriginal word meaning "Smoke from the hill".

The Post Office opened on 14 August 1874, and the railway arrived in 1883.

Boort has a Hospital , Pharmacy, P-12 school , Butcher shop , Newsagent , Hairdresser , Supermarket , Hardware store , Tyre service, Mechanic and Community centre.

Main sources of employment are retail, olive processing and tourism. Agriculture is a major industry and employer in the Boort region. Produce includes cereal crops, tomatoes, canola, olives and wool.

Boort is known as The Northern Oasis. Lake Boort is central to the town and is used for water sports including skiing, sailing, duck hunting, fishing and swimming.

Boort has an Australian rules football team, Boort Football, Hockey, Netball Club competes in the North Central Football League. Notable players from Boort are VFL Brownlow Medallist John Schultz. The team previously recruited ex- AFL player Lance Picioane. The club colours are black and white.

Golfers play at the Boort Golf Club on Charlton Road.

Usage examples of "boort".

Terwijl hij zich met de kolossale, spadevormige handen op een bepaalde plaats vasthoudt, boort hij met behulp van de sterke nekspieren den snuit in den lossen grond, verkruimelt de hem omgevende aardkluiten met de voorpooten en werpt ze buitengewoon snel achter zich.