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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Damn sight more than that boor behind the bar.
▪ Glad that he had the shadows to conceal his distaste, Oscar shook it, and bid the boor goodnight.
▪ Of course, the young man reveals himself as a boor, and pays rather messily for it.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boor \Boor\ (b[=oo]r), n. [D. boer farmer, boor; akin to AS. geb[=u]r countryman, G. bauer; fr. the root of AS. b[=u]an to inhabit, and akin to E. bower, be. Cf. Neighbor, Boer, and Big to build.]

  1. A husbandman; a peasant; a rustic; esp. a clownish or unrefined countryman.

  2. A Dutch, German, or Russian peasant; esp. a Dutch colonist in South Africa, Guiana, etc.: a boer.

  3. A rude ill-bred person; one who is clownish in manners.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

13c., from Old French bovier "herdsman," from Latin bovis, genitive of bos "cow, ox." Re-introduced 16c. from Dutch boer, from Middle Dutch gheboer "fellow dweller," from Proto-Germanic *buram "dweller," especially "farmer," from PIE *bhu-, from root *bheue- (see be). Original meaning was "peasant farmer" (compare German Bauer, Dutch boer, Danish bonde), and in English it was at first applied to agricultural laborers in or from other lands, as opposed to the native yeoman; negative connotation attested by 1560s (in boorish), from notion of clownish rustics. Related: Boorishness.


n. 1 A peasant. 2 A Boer, white South African of Dutch or Huguenot descent 3 A yokel, country bumpkin, 4 An uncultured person


n. a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement [syn: peasant, barbarian, churl, Goth, tyke, tike]


Boor may refer to:

  • boor, a peasant or uncultured person; one who lacks in education, knowledge, refinement and social graces
    • bur, defined by the Rambam (Maimonides). A bur is a person having neither (ethical) torah education nor virtues of manners ( derekh eretz) nor the ability to acquire them. Commonly translated as "boor".
  • Balanda Boor, also Boor, an ethnic group in South Sudan
  • Laughing Boor with a Pot of Beer, painting by Isaac van Ostade
  • The Boor, an opera by Dominick Argento
  • The Boor, a play by Anton Chekhov
  • The Boors, an 18th-century comedy by Carlo Goldoni

Usage examples of "boor".

What did he have in common with this Cain come to judgment, this bemedaled swaggering boor who rejoiced in having reduced all the subtleties of conscious thought to rigidly simple, unavoidable alternatives: kill or be killed!

I ordered tea and an English muffin and waited half an hour for it to arrive, all the while suffering the bickering and feeding noises of a huge family of Northern boors at the next table.

I can distinguish your jargon, when like ignorant boors ye talk all at once, tearing my ears to shreds with such unmelodious tongueclatter!

They are highwaymen and boors, who glean pleasure from the fear and loss they bring to others.

The window in the provinces replaces the theatre and the promenade, she was amusing herself with watching the crowd of boors when she saw a gentleman in a green velvet coat.

He did not send me here to fawn and cringe, And coax these boors into good humour.

I had come to think of Dartmoor as a place of small stone cells in which manacled men lay eternally on the Boor, groaning.

Men and women who have never seen the green hills of Ireland, paint Irish characters as boors and blunderers and make them say ludicrous things and use such language as is never heard within the four walls of Ireland.

She might so easily have loved a fool or a boor and found out too late, as had Jane, or her sister Angela, a man with no ability to imagine how things might be for the female principal in his life - a lack of comprehension amounting to xenophobia.

Brianne found most to be charming and witty, intent on leaving her with a good impression, though occasionally she would be captured in the arms of a boor, one with very obvious intentions.

He may know a writer to be an irritating boor and yet realize the writer book may be great.

Some say you were rude to the duke, but from what I know of that boor, there must have been some cause.

Their god was a horror, a boor upon a mountain, wielding thunder and lightning.

An arrogant boor of a young warrior, Callatl never let her pass without making a rude comment, gesture, or worse.

The boors on the Caffre frontier were often plundered by the bushmen, and perhaps occasionally by some few of the Caffres who were in a lawless state on the frontier.