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a. Characterized by heavy bass sounds.

Usage examples of "boomy".

He had a deep, boomy voice that rattled up out of his chest like he was speaking from inside a trash can.

Sleep was difficult, the boomy thunder-noise kept going the whole time, mingling with the higher pitched sounds of crying.

The one Angelus destroyed after the big boomy voice threatened to re-ensoul him.

So he overacted wildly, still in pompous, boomy, Shakespearean mode from his audition the day before.

She had to exert quite a bit of energy to remain silent in the boomy metal air duct.

There were more sounds of people just ahead of her, more boomy and echoing than before, and also sounds of splashing water.

He remembered the voice—like his own when he had a cold, reverberating inside his head—but louder, bigger, boomier.